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grand_princessThe cruise ship industry is expanding rapidly, offering you the job seeker the opportunity to work overseas and the chance to travel. With over 100 ships worldwide and over 60,000 jobs created, the opportunities are endless if you want to sample this challenging career path.

Why work on a cruise ship? Is the work as glamourous as you think? Imagine waking up in a different country every day, being part of a team of up to 1000 crew, working in a multi-cultural environment and looking after up to 2000 guests. This could be you!

‘It’s a safe, secure and financially viable way to see the world. My earnings whilst I have been away have enabled me to have a lifestyle that I wouldn’t have achieved if I had remained back in the UK.’ says Sean, Marine Safety Technician, who has worked on cruise ships for 18 years.

The hours are long, but are varied, so this does enable you to get ashore to experience the local atmosphere for yourself. You might be serving breakfast whilst looking at the beach you may be spending the afternoon on. You can listen to your guests relating their tales of wandering around Venice, knowing that it will be you next time when you have time off to see the sights!

Just the thought of working on one of the largest man-made structures and sailing in it is mind blowing. These ships are communities in their own rights. Most have shopping arcades, cinemas, health spas, some even have ice rinks, a variety of international restaurants, theatres and of course swimming pools.

Working in an environment of this scale means that you may only be a kitchen porter but you are a valuable cog in the successful delivery of someone’s holiday expectations. All crew roles on board are as important as each other. Being a team player and being able to work in a hectic environment and under pressure are qualities that are essential if you are to survive this sea-born adventure.


Working conditions and pay. All jobs are live in obviously and you would normally share with one or more other people. Personal space is usually very limited and you must enjoy working in a close-knit environment.

If you are sailing long distances be aware that you can’t escape from your fellow crew members or nip down the road for a pint with friends! Although the crew do have their own lesiure facilities which usually include gym, bar, swimming pool, video library and other social activities.

As we have highlighted above the rates of pay are normally good and could be tax free depending on your country of origin and tax regime. With your food and lodgings normally included you can spend or save your salary as you wish!

Working in a Duty Free Shop can be your key to seeing the world if you have retail experience.

Applying for the right job is important. Click here to find a listing of the many different types available. Employers will want you to be a team player, hard working, motivated and keen to learn. They generally offer you training before you begin or whilst you are at work, with the opportunity to study for further qualifications and to acquire skills you may not already have. You will definitely have many great memories to take with you at the end of your contract and will have formed friendships that will be with you for many years.

CV Writing & qualifications. Complete your CV in as much detail as you can, showing the dates, subjects and grades of your qualifications achieved at school, college, university and any other professional qualifications achieved. If you have any sailing qualifications, food hygiene certificates or any other training remember to include these. Don’t forget to mention your travelling experience and leisure interests as well.

Remember you are competing with other people for a limited number of jobs so the more complete your CV, the more information the employer can use to decide if you have the qualities, work experience and personality they want from their employees.

Don’t forget that you are able to go to any of the sites listed under to apply for a variety of jobs. It’s that easy for you! The job search agent will tell you when new jobs are advertised on any of the different sites.

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